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FM Transmitter CA200

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If you have an older model car stereo but want to listen to music on your iPod or MP3 player while driving, instead of spending $$$ on a new car stereo, the Sungale Audiomate is all you need! Simply plug the Audiomate into your car's cigarette lighter outlet, then one of the two plugs shown in the images into the your player's audio jack,  follow the simple instructions included and just like that, your stereo is ready to start playing your audio player's music!!! No tricky wiring or tools are necessary.  

Product Details/Specs.:

. Sungale Model: CA200

. Frequencey range: 20~20,000 Hz

. Display:   Segment LCD (LCD back light)

. Power Supply: DC 12V

. Selected Frequency: 88.1~90.1 MHz/11 channel

. Frequency Interval: +0.2 MHz

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